Monday, August 3, 2015

Iron Snakes Tribal War Band for This is Not a Test, wip

I've had a few evenings here and there to make some more progress on the band. First up is a family portrait of everyone in the war band after the second game. 

From left to right, Lizmagick, Zephyr, Haus, Milk, *mumbleforgot*, Boner, Strife, Gozer, and 5Pointz.

This is my recently deceased Berserker, and a fig I worked up just in case I got extremely lucky and picked up some power armor. 

The far right fig was my colors test, and ended up more gray than I'd prefer. I went with a lighter slightly more "alive" skin tone for the rest of the models. I haven't gone back and added color to him. Maybe he ate some bad shellfish before the battle?

I'm having a lot of fun painting these up and playing them so far!

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