Monday, August 10, 2015

Iron Snakes Tribals, all painted up!

I had a chance to play two games of This is Not a Test last Saturday at our club BBQ and games day. I was feeling pretty good going in, but if I only could have known the tragedy set to befall my tiny plastic men.

After the two games, my warband was sorely depleted. Despite their grin and win attitude and successfully driving of the Dead Judge's men, whose vendetta isn't truly understood by the Iron Snakes (I think it has something to do with eating his hand? It was a long time ago), a number of prominent members of the band were left lying in the dirt.

The tribal champion, Strife, redeemed his lost honor by striking down an enemy heavy with his two-handed axe, but died tragically in a hail of rifle fire. 

Boner and Lizmajic, brave warriors both, were blasted by a plasma caster. Boner was liquefied, and soon thereafter Lizmajic suffered a great deal of damage and has a long recovery ahead of him. The longest there can be: 3 games. 

Milk, a tribal with a rifle who had distinguished himself in battle many times despite his weak stature and terrible marksmanship, died in an ambush by outlaw Preservers. 

And that isn't even taking into account the previous death toll: Hulk the Berserker, and J Man the Scout. The Iron Snakes lead the pack in warband deaths by a considerable margin. I'd really rather not be winning in that metric!

But hey, at least I got some power armor, right? Now I can use that fig. Never mind that most of the rest of the figures shown are dead. :-)

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Simon Quinton said...

Ouch its a hard life being a tribal. They look great fella really like the pale skin tones it goes so well with the dark and gritty clothing.