Monday, August 17, 2015

New* Wrecked Post-Apocalypse Cars painted up

I dragged out an old Marx Cars of the Future from a few years back and made a mold this weekend. It got a new windshield sculpted on beforehand. As soon as it came out of the mold, my son grabbed it and started zooming around the house with it. Luckily I had some resin on hand and cast a few more up so dad can play with toys too!

For folks who weren't lucky enough to pick these up when they were on ebay at $10 for four cars, I'm sorry. They are a cool addition to any post apoc table. I wanted more though, and don't want to pay the $50 price tag they go for these days (if you can find them!). So I found the terrain at the club that sheltered this beauty and ripped it right off the base. 

That is okay though! The old one was painted up really fast for a tournament we host, and it looked like crap. Now it will be replaced by some nicely painted wrecks like this one.

I painted up the base color first, then the windows and seats, then the bumpers and tail lights. Then the rust got splorched on with a piece of sponge. First Rhinox Hide ( a really dark brown), and then some Trollslayer Orange got mixed into the palette. A combo of those colors was used to line and add rust drips. Then the brighest orange was applied splotchily in places.

After all that was dry, a bit of black lining where necessary and a light wash of Agrarardexeasx Earthshade in the crevices and for another layer of weathering.

The Iron Snakes know that the best place to look for radioactive gum and gas masks is in the glove box of old convertibles!

Now I gotta go find the rest of those cars and make another mold or two. I want a proper parking lot, damn it!

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Simon Quinton said...

These look great dude!